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Social Media Promotions Unleashed


Today social networks are no longer exclusively for groups of friends who want to talk a little,  became a place where all segments of society  to be present on a daily basis. Later, the big brands to be present from the promotion of social events to promote the products allocated to the segment of such networks, found the conversion rate is very high in the Juvenile layers, therefore the marks like Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, etc found a length. Soon after, the whole businesses began to be present in social networks. From small local businesses, medium and large companies, products and especially the newly created world of entertainment has entered on the social network for the promotion as a way never seen before, musicians, filmmakers, and even small series. We begin to see millions of daily promotions for all segments of society.The large social networks are gaining ground, like Facebook and Youtube, Google Plus later.Any business today needs a social media exposure, if you really want to be exploited in terms of sales and / or exposure.Because of this need began to emerge several companies and agencies of social promotion. What can lead the public, mainly because of a segmented basis for the business, product, bands, singers, movies, etc..Let's talk about one of the best company in this segment, the Social Media Promotions since 2005 has helped many singers, bands, film producers and advertising agencies to display on social networks. One of the great virtues is to achieve a direct mass of audience to a single video, for example, a public authority that is solely American. Since only a few thousand of people to an audience of millions viewers. Therefore a Youtube Promotion is used for quick results or if the goal is to reach the public and to be recognized. Or in the other hand the goal is increase product sales, in this case the conversion of sales tends to be Very High.Facebook is one of the most respected networks and for many is considered the Social "drug", because users can not live without network access at least one hour per day, but studies show that the average consumption by Facebook users is over a period of 3 hours. So Facebook Promotion is a great way to be recognized and especially for a body of believers who are on Facebook called "Fans" Everything is business for the masses, the fan base can reach  values ​​exceeding the number of millions. Its more then obvious that is not possible to exclude this form of marketing.

It's amazing how Facebook has grown from a company with two college to an empire of billions of dollars.

Later I will talk in detail about the ways of promotion for each of the networks, stay tuned.

Morg AndersonCEO of Social Media Promotion LLChttp://www.youtube-promotion.com

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